dhbmarcos Debian Repository

To Install Repository on Debian Systems

Run in your terminal:

sudo bash -c "curl https://debian.dhbmarcos.com/repo-install.sh | bash; apt update"


To use this repository, download repo-install.sh and run it:

wget http://debian.dhbmarcos.com/repo-install.sh
bash repo-install.sh;
apt update;

To Remove Repository from Debian Systems

To use this repository, download repo-remove.sh and run it:

wget http://debian.dhbmarcos.com/repo-remove.sh
bash repo-remove.sh;
apt update;

Package Files

Inspect repository accessing the link debian.dhbmarcos.com/repo.

You can download packages from debian.dhbmarcos.com/repo/pool/main.

To install you package without APT, download package and run: